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Connection is our cultural heartbeat. There’s a vibe here. Experience our storied heritage, award-winning food & drink scene, abundant natural wonders, and vibrant downtown – all are ready for your shared adventures.


Culture & Vibe

Food & Drink

Natural Beauty

Lively Downtown

Active Living


Culture & Vibe

Food & Drink

Natural Beauty

Lively Downtown

Active Living

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Follow the steps on our socials, and enter the draw for two (2) free Hillside Festival Weekend Passes! The Festival (July 19-21) is fast approaching, so be sure to enter our #GatheratHillsideGiveaway soon!

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Make an Event of it

Hardly a week passes without something exciting happening here. From festivals and street fairs to markets and conferences, there’s a pulse of activity here that entices us to gather here. Looking for music? In abundance. Multicultural experience? We’ve got that covered. Provocative documentaries? Right here. Holiday season shopping… we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the options.


Plan Your Trip

Gather your way: build the itinerary that you want, when you want. Surf our easy-to-use planner to set the pace: choose the perfect eatery, jump between award-winning craft breweries, plan unforgettable outdoor adventures, casually shop our vibrant downtown amid historic landmarks and find the right accommodation – your Guelph, your way is right here.

Favourite takeout in Guelph?

Park Burger and fries from Park Eatery (and don't forget the garlic aioli for fry dipping!)

- Amanda K.

Favourite Guelph nature spot?

The nature trail if you go to the Crane Park Bridge and go over it there are small water falls and a whole area to explore that use to be a bird sanctuary back in the 70s.

- Cole H.

The one ‘don’t miss’ spot in Guelph?

Art Gallery of Guelph Sculpture Park, especially the Mask by Evan Perry. Perception is everything!

- Lloyd L.

Favourite Guelph experience?

Visiting and experiencing The Dragon and being involved in the best geek community in southern Ontario.

- Mike O.

What’s your favourite Guelph experience?

Eating my way through the downtown culinary scene.

- Caitlin C.

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